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C1 Conversations

Rapid, flexible contact center modernization

Bring cloud-first AI-supported solutions to your legacy contact center without replacing your existing infrastructure. C1Conversations gives you the power to create the experience your business needs and that your customers want.

C1Conversations is an integration platform that delivers next-generation customer experience applications to legacy contact centers.

With its plug-and-play microservices approach, C1Conversations is uniquely positioned to deliver a range of new contact center applications with efficiency and flexibility.

C1Conversations can

1. Leverage and scale existing technologies and associated investments, including contact center, customer relationship management, and back-office systems

2. Assist cost containment and revenue generation via a digital customer experience across all channels, including an AI-based intelligent virtual assistant (IVA)

3. Synthesize data across all systems and touchpoints to enable a deep understanding of customer experience trends, intents, and realities

Meet the demands of today’s customers.

  • Add an intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) platform to handle more calls with less stress on agents.
  • Improve your agents’ workflow with a state-of-the-art single agent desktop.
  • Integrate your existing CRM software with your contact center to ensure top-level customer experiences.
  • Get new insights from your data with robust contact center analytics.
  • Introduce state-of-the-art contact center technologies without the pain of replacing what’s already working.

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Why C1Conversations is your contact center’s best option for digital transformation

C1Conversations uses a unique platform-agnostic microservices architecture that makes it easy to integrate your company’s existing systems. Efficiently add new capabilities and applications without ripping out the old ones.

Traditional systems integrators can add custom systems, artificial intelligence and analytics, but remain costly and time consuming.

Contact center ecosystem application providers are limited by APIs, making it difficult to integrate heterogeneous applications.

Many common IPaaS solutions appear simple on the surface. But once integration begins, these solutions lack expertise in customer experience technologies and rely on exclusive partnerships that reduce flexibility and raise costs.

Turn to C1Conversations if you’re looking for

Accelerate response times and improve containment with rapid interactive virtual agent (IVA) / Interactive voice response (IVR) deployment. With AI-powered call routing and response, your agents can take more care with crucial customer issues while the IVA handles everyday interactions.

  • Create robust conversational models to rapidly answer your customers’ most common questions.
  • Introduce custom AI that learns with your business as it scales your contact center.
  • Reduce call wait times and add omnichannel support to your existing system.

Simplify your agents’ view of the customer with a single interface that centralizes existing and new apps, accrued CRM data, and legacy systems. With C1Conversations, your agents are empowered to serve customers in meaningful interactions, increasing job satisfaction and productivity while reducing staffing costs and turnover.

  • Simplify agents’ view of the customer
  • Centralize existing and new apps, accrued CRM data, and legacy systems
  • Single-pane-of-glass interface with high-level view of each channel

Integrate your preferred customer relationship management (CRM) software to connect historical customer data, supply continued context for each interaction, and understand how your contact center interactions impact customer experience.

  • Streamline how your customer interacts with your business
  • Added channels to provide a true omnichannel customer experience
  • Historical customer data, continued context, and interaction intent

Real-time contact center analytics identify opportunities to boost revenue, heighten productivity, and improve customer experience. With C1Conversations, operational reporting and predictive analysis are paired with quarterly learnings from our experts to ensure continued innovation.

  • Build business intelligence and customer insights
  • Identify opportunities to boost revenue, productivity, and ROI
  • Real-time operational reporting and predictive analysis
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