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C1Conversations is a highly customizable solution based on your business’ needs and existing technology infrastructure.

It can scale with your business as you grow, with pricing based on:

  • Number of Agents
  • Number of Channels
  • CRM Integration
  • Option to enable Interactive Virtual Assistant (IVA)
  • Electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) integration

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The C1Conversations platform provides the foundation for connecting the next-generation apps and services to modernize your contact center.

Agent User Interface

Provide greater flexibility, manage complex queues, and achieve better call containment rates with a single agent user interface.


C1Conversations provides the flexibility to connect chat, SMS, social media and other emerging digital channels with contact center agents.

CRM Integration

Know your customer’s context and history during every touchpoint with integration of common customer relationship management systems.

IVA Enablement

Introduce leading natural language processing to your contact center with AI-powered Interactive Virtual Agents and Interactive Voice Response.


Health care contact centers can reference secure, accurate patient records with HIPAA-compliant medical record integration.

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