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About C1Conversations

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C1Conversations arose from a simple question: What if we could support contact centers with the multiple challenges of digital transformation with a single tool?

Powered by the contact center experts at ConvergeOne, C1Conversations is an innovative approach to solving the unique challenges of 21st century contact centers.

With digital behaviors rapidly changing, artificial intelligence capabilities rapidly expanding, security needs evolving, and cloud computing opportunities expanding, our customers needed a more comprehensive solution than what was previously available on the market.

C1Conversations addresses the evolving needs of contact centers, incorporating cloud, customer service and omnichannel expertise to provide a single-platform integration solution.

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Leadership Connections with Mark & Frank!

ConvergeOne’s CTO, Mark Langanki, and VP Intellectual Property GTM, Frank Tersigni talk about how C1Conversations helps organizations meet customer demands for self-service while empowering contact center agents.

Learn more about our leadership team at ConvergeOne.

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