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C1Conversations is the only innovative all-in-one, true omni-channel frictionless customer experience solution.

The only integrative platform of its kind.

Simplified integration, optimal outcomes

C1Conversations is a holistic integration platform-as-a-service, enabling next-gen CX applications to legacy call center infrastructures. C1Conversations provides solutions that help:

  • Leverage and protect existing technologies and their associated investments, including CC, CRM and back-office systems
  • Empower agents with a single pane of glass view into all voice and digital interactions
  • Contain costs and generate revenue via a digital customer experience across all channels, including AI-based IVA
  • Gather relevant data across systems to gain an in-depth understanding of CX trends, intents and realities

Most companies today rely on multiple apps, along with both premise and cloud-based services to help their business run smoothly. However, because apps and platforms are rapidly increasing and evolving, it becomes difficult to streamline technologies – which can ultimately prevent a business from running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Additionally, customer experience can often be disjointed and inconsistent. C1Conversations is the only integration platform of its kind that can provide multi-faceted solutions for complex, back-end business and contact center problems.

What's New

C1Conversations is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

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We're excited to announce the availability of C1Conversations on Google Cloud Marketplace. C1Conversations, designed and built on Google Cloud, allows clients to start orchestrating the integration of next-generation customer and agent experience (C/AX) management capabilities in weeks, not months, thus leveraging years of accrued contact center knowledge and investments.

This announcement is part of ConvergeOne's strategic sales partnership with Google Cloud to bring the benefits of our next-generation C/AX to enterprise clients seeking to accelerate their digital transformation while modernizing their existing contact center infrastructure. Read the full press release to learn more about the benefits of our partnership.

C1Conversations is the only innovative all-in-one, true omnichannel frictionless C/AX solution. Discover how C1Conversations de-risks future technology decisions and delivers C/AX innovation while creating a clear competitive advantage and brand loyalty. Register for a C1Conversations demo today to learn how to make complexity simple.

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End-to-end, we deliver.

Full feature, tech-agnostic solution

When you use C1Conversations, you’re not just getting a business solution – you’re also getting a partner. Every company is unique and we believe every solution should be unique to your business. We spend time learning about your company so we can provide and deploy tailored solutions, and then we optimize and maintain those solutions, making any necessary adjustments as your company shifts and grows.


“We were able to bridge the technology gap and deliver a personal customer engagement experience for our clients”
– Mark Langanki, CTO ConvergeOne

From start to finish, we bring a fresh approach to each client with an agile-based process:

Consultation & plan design
Consultation + plan design
Data & analytic optimization
Data & analytic optimization
Continual management
Meaningful solutions, fast

How it works

Create an experience your business needs and your customers want. C1Conversations works as a cloud native, microservices based architecture that provides integrations, applications and services to simplify and eliminate siloed systems challenges. Additionally, it facilitates a more efficient and accurate picture of both your customer and company data, to ultimately deliver optimal insights, operations and outcomes for your business.


Once we determine the right solution for your business, we move quickly - your tailored business solution can be deployed in a matter of days or even hours, depending on your needs.”
– Mark Langanki, CTO ConvergeOne

Exclusive solutions.

What makes C1Conversations unique?

Born in the cloud, C1Conversations is a holistic, integrated platform that has the flexibility to provide hyper-personalized business solutions. 

  • Integration Platform – connects legacy and cloud-based apps and systems across the CX ecosystem via a “plug & play” microservices-led platform 
  • Comprehensive Agent User Interface – presents a wide array of existing and new applications, channels and systems in a single pane
  • Automated Engagement Solution – enabled by robust workflow, data integration and AI-based training across systems
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Insights – fueled by exhaustive customer insights, synthesized across company channels and systems
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Market Impact: What’s Next for the New Generation of CPAAS?

“New CPaaS capabilities and trends — the intelligence layer, rich messaging, omnichannel, video, visual builders and professional services — play key roles. Technology product leaders must prioritize their impact in driving 30% CPaaS growth through 2025 and wide-scale delivery for enhanced sales.”

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